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Why try a SkyDance massage?2021-04-03T12:04:25+00:00

A SkyDance massage is a gentleman’s ultimate self-care treatment:

  • Restore the calm, rejuvenate your body & reenergize your spirit
  • Relax out of your head & enjoy a journey of sensory delight
  • Tantric massage sessions can also help if you are seeking to:
    • Gain control of Premature Ejaculation
    • Create a positive connection to your body & sexuality
    • Relieve the stress of Performance Anxiety
Where do SkyDance massage sessions take place?2023-01-21T13:17:06+00:00

Sofia offers massage sessions from a petite, cosy studio in a quiet, safe part of town, with plenty of street parking. Often you can hear just bird song & the rustle of the mature pine trees. As you are guided to step inside— it’s like entering a different realm. Her therapy space is decorated with luxurious drapes & fine art prints. She aims to awaken all your senses with soft crystal lamps, a Saje natural essential oil diffuser, sandalwood scented candles, & relaxing Hawaiian or New Age music depending on her mood.

For your peace of mind, her wide massage table is dressed with fresh brushed cotton sheets, pillows & sarongs. There is a Dyson Hepa filter heating & cooling system & an electric blanket for the colder months. For your comfort, a hot towel wipe down concludes the session, or shower is available with prior request. She hopes that you find the atmosphere beautiful & tranquil.

Outcall sessions are subject to availability. They require advanced notice & a deposit.

How long are SkyDance massage sessions?2023-01-21T13:17:27+00:00

A 1.5hr session is ideal for newcomers, allowing you to learn about Tantric breathwork & enjoy your full-body SkyDance massage in a relaxed, unhurried manner.

A 2hr session is available for returning guests, who wish to dive deeper into expanding their Kundalini energy or trying one of the treatment enhancement options.

How to book & Cancellation Policy2023-01-21T13:18:45+00:00

In your initial email enquiry please include : your real name, a little about why you are drawn to SkyDance massage, & possible future date(s) you are interested to book a session. Please note, the screening process can take a couple of days, so book ahead to avoid disappointment. Sofia priorities enquiries most aligned to her holistic healing work. Short, illiterate or disrespectful emails will be ignored. For her safety, all newcomers are asked to carry out a light screening & a consultation call. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals, any issues, & to discover if we are a good match.

SkyDance sessions are for clients over 27 years old only. Discerning gentlemen 28-30 years will be asked to book with a deposit to ensure their reliability, or the deposit will act as their cancelation fee if they need to cancel within 48hrs.

Try to give as much notice as possible when booking because Sofia’s practice is only parttime. Please be punctual, but not early as there is no waiting room. Cancelation Before 48hrs of appointment time—rescheduling is fine. Cancelation Within 48 hours incurs a 70 cancelation fee, which can be paid with an E-gift card. Clients who no-show-no-call or refuse to pay the cancelation fee will be blocked & blacklisted. Please respect your therapist, with the same respect you wish to be treated.

Etiquette- Who are your SkyDance sessions for?2023-01-21T13:19:40+00:00

Sofia loves sharing her bespoke SkyDance bodywork with respectful, professional, well groomed (clean) gentlemen. Her discerning clientele are seekers of an authentic Tantric massage from an experienced Tantric therapist & certified masseuse.

See her Resume.>>>

Plus, Sofia warmly welcomes shy, curious newcomers. With a strong, compassionate spirit, she creates a nurturing space for them to surrender into the new experience. This etiquette page will make perfect sense to gentlemen who are aligned with SkyDance massage. Sofia offers an exclusive, discrete & intimate service & asks that you respect her time & professional boundaries, in return.

Etiquette – Professional Boundaries2021-04-03T12:11:04+00:00

Sofia offers a luxury Tantric massage service allowing you to relax deeply & explore your sexual potential.

Her sessions are 1.5hr minimum~ less than this does not do an authentic Tantric massage justice. Do not attempt to hustle or request 30min rub-downs. Nor request any escort services: O/ FS/ A/ Dinner dates. (Inquiries of this nature will be ignored & blocked).

Etiquette – Touch2021-04-03T12:11:56+00:00

Sofia encourages her clients to receive in totality, to be with their breath & pleasure sensations, creating a full-body energetic experience.

There is a graceful flow to her SkyDance massage which is interrupted by constant grabbing.

However, she understand that clients may wish to make some contact, in which case respectful touch & hugging is fine. But groping and any touch of her yoni is Not permitted.

Etiquette – Hygiene & State of Mind2021-04-03T12:12:26+00:00

This is an intimate bodywork please ensure you arrive to your appointment freshly showered.

Tantric massage is a holistic therapy working with your subtle energy system, it is Not conducive to being under the influence of heavy alcohol or drugs. And please do not bring alcohol or drugs
to the session.

Etiquette – Cell Phones2021-04-03T12:13:59+00:00

Allow yourself to unplug & unwind fully by switching off your cell phone during your massage session & placing it in the basket provided. Even frequent text alerts will disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the therapy space.

Furthermore, any photography & filming during sessions is strictly prohibited, any client found attempting to do this will be blocked & blacklisted.

What is Skydancing?2023-01-21T13:19:57+00:00

SkyDancing is a lineage of Neo Tantra originating from Osho’s teachings, designed by Margot Anand. Sofia has trained with John Hawken (formerly SkyDancing UK) & the SkyDancing Institute USA.

Who is a Skydancer?2021-04-19T14:53:39+00:00

A SkyDancer is a metaphor for a Dakini, or high priestess of Tantra who guides gentlemen seekers to explore the realms of sensuality, energy & body wisdom. She is illustrated joyfully dancing in the clouds calling to consorts to follow her.

What is a Tantric Lingam massage & why is it so good?2023-01-21T13:21:11+00:00

As Joseph Kramer, renowned Conscious Sexuality teacher said, “The difference between a hand-job & a Sacred Lingam massage is the difference between banging on a piano or playing Mozart.”

The key elements of authentic Tantric massage are:
* Tantric breathwork to expand the sexual energy through the body, creating a whole-body orgasmic experience.
*Sex center honoring—a slow build-up of arousal with an array of lingam strokes & bottom massage.

Why is the Breathwork important?2023-01-21T13:21:26+00:00

The breathwork is a fundamental part of an authentic Tantric massage, but it only takes about 15 minutes at the beginning of the session to learn. It helps to let go of daily stress, center yourself & learn how to expand your sexual energy through your body.

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