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Remember in the 90s when a kid made $1g mowing lawns and sent a check to Clinton, saying it was for the national debt?

The IRS is now going after people who perform “gig” jobs, and will be taxing them.

This is a tax hike on the poorest people, in the name of progress.

Really Appreciate the client who didn’t make a song n dance about my 2O% cancellation fee, & instead gave the full amount of the session! Thank you this makes a difference to a low volume provider! 😘💕

In SkyDanceCam post 96 I’m introducing ways to #heal #sexualshame , which sadly is all to prevalent in society. Check it out here #tantra101 #tantrahealing

As I’ve said before, I can’t accommodate last minute appointments.
I return to FT education next week so booking in advance is essential. Going forth, I will also need to be highly selective what new clients I can take on due to time constraints. 📚📚📚

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