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“From the moment she opens the door & melts your heart with warmth of her smile to the last hug as you leave, a session with Sofia is a truly magical experience that appeals to all of your senses. Time has no meaning & the world shrinks to just the two of you in her sacred space.”

Charlie, London

“Sofia is magically charming! ” Hans, Vienna

Hans, Vienna

“I first came for a session seeking help with PE. At first I was nervous, but Sofia was very welcoming, caring & loving. She has truly awakened me on my journey of sexual consciousness. Thank you Sofia!”

Jay, California

“The Lomi Love with deep tissue massage put me in a state of deep relaxation & euphoria!”

Michael, California

“Thank you for showing me sacred Tantric touch & the taste of energetic feminine pampering. This has been the most meaningful discovery this year!”

Peter, California

“Thanks for the whole experience – a relaxing, intense, energizing, self-affirming one. I had a universally positive experience solely down to how welcoming & caring you are & how relaxing an environment you create.”

James, London

“Sofia has been a huge part of finding success dealing with my ED & sexual related issues. She has been extremely thoughtful & kind when addressing my issues, that normal talk therapy was not able to address. Highly recommend working with her !”

Danny, California

“I was nervous at first, but Sofia put me at ease immediately. She balances sensual energy & connection with every stroke on your body. I feel the lasting impression of Sofia’s energy & touch. My days following our session are enjoyable, my energy is higher & I find myself more patient & giving to others. This is self-care at its truest form. Trust Sofia to bring you to a place of peace & power.”

Jack, California

“Learning your Art of Breast massage fills me with a sense of world peace”

Trusted Regular, Henrik, London

“Sofia is extraordinarily empathetic & connects with clients more deeply than I’ve experienced before. The Lomi Love & deep tissue combo massage is delicious &  the perfect stress-buster for this year!”

Toby, California

“Sofia’s touch is engaging, intuitive & therapeutic. With her skillful bodywork techniques & instruction, the session builds to an intensity that is difficult to comprehend if you haven’t engaged in Tantric massage before. Afterwards, I felt completely relaxed & happy. I have seen Sofia a few times & I am looking forward to more!”

Nate, California

“Sofia provides an experience unlike any other. Her professionalism, care, & dedication to her craft is evident during the entire session. She is masterfully skilled at massage, & her instincts & guidance in tantric sensation & control are life-changing! I highly recommend Sofia to any serious client interested in a high-end, thoughtful experience.”

Mark, California

“Visiting Sofia is both remarkably relaxing & sensual. She takes the time to understand what my body needs & offers a very professional massage along with helping me to get into a climate of enhanced trust. I look forward to each session & come away with a feeling of Zen!”

Jacob, California

“Your SkyDance massage is a beautiful choreography! ”

Nicco, Italy
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