Professional Tantra Training

Over the past 13 years, I have offered SkyDance Massage in London, Bristol, Austria, Germany, Costa Rica & California.

I have studied with many internationally renowned Conscious Sexuality Teachers including John Hawken (formally Sky Dancing UK), Lokita Carter (Sky Dancing USA), Joseph Kramer (Sexological Bodywork, US), Deborah Sundahl, Ma Ananda Sarita, One Taste & Cleo Dubois.

These trainings included:

•June 2008 “G Spot & Female Ejaculation” workshop with Deborah Sundahl, London.

•Oct 2008 “The Tantric Path Program” an intensive Tantric Massage training by John Hawken, London.

•Oct 2008 “Sexual Alchemy” with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Somerset. A workshop involving Osho-style Tantric exercises to explore energetic connection.

•Nov 2009 “Introduction to Dark Eros” workshop with John Hawken, London. Using BDSM to explore our shadow side.

•2010 Took a 6-month sabbatical to live an Osho Community, Costa Rica. Participating in Osho-style Self -Inquiry workshops & Dynamic Meditation.

•Oct 2010 “Radical Ecstasy” workshop with Dossie Easton, London. A program of Tantric breathwork & Sacred Kink.

•2011 John Hawken’s “Sacred Body/ Passionate Spirit”, Somerset. A Year-long Advanced training including lingam & yoni healing massage, rosetta (anal) healing massage, advanced Tantric breathworks, chakra meditation, plus extended sexual orgasm techniques.

•Sept 2011 John Hawken’s “Energy & Character” course, London. A study into Wilhelm Reich’s Sex Character Analysis.

•Oct 2011 “Sexological Bodywork & Erotic Trance” a practitioner’s intensive by Joeseph Kramer, London involving Anal mapping & stroking Vipassana.

•Oct 2011 “Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 3” created by Margot Anand, taught by Skydancing USA, N. California.

•Nov 2012 “Taoist Erotic Massage” with Celtic Tantra, Devon. A Taoist energy-based massage focused on circulating sexual energy.

•April 2015 Became an “Orgasmic Meditation” Practitioner with One Taste, CA. A well-being practice of conscious stroking of the cliterous.

•July 2015 “Mastery in Orgasmic Meditation”. An intensive course with One Taste, CA. including a day of Sacred Kink with Cleo Dubois.


Bodywork & Healing Arts Qualifications

•2004 – 2005 Diploma in Holistic Healing (CMA) from Holistic Healing College, London. A comprehensive course encompassing core modules in Hands on Healing, Counseling & Guided Meditation.

•2008 Holistic Massage Diploma (I.T.E.C.) from Beaumont College, Somerset. An in-depth training incorporating Swedish-style massage, holistic philosophy, anatomy & physiology & first aid.

•2008 Lomi Lomi Massage Post Graduate Qualification (CThA) with Carrie Rowell, Somerset. An extensive study of Traditional Hawaiian bodywork, Huna prayer & breathwork.

•2013 Lomi Lomi Advanced Training with Ho’okahi Tamara, Hawaii. Encompassing Huna Body work, prayer & Hot stones laying.

•2014 Indian Head Massage Diploma (I.T.E.C) from Beaumont College, Somerset. A detailed study of classic Indian massage techniques of the shoulders, neck, scalp & face, Ayurvedic tradition & Chakra Balancing.

•2017 Diploma in Hypnotherapy (GHSC) from Holistic Healing College, London.

•2018 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Yogaworks, CA.

•2019 Diploma in Reflexology, American Academy of Reflexology, CA.


Performing Arts Experience & Other Interests

I love to practice vinyasa flow yoga and dance regular to keep fit & flexible!

Before I became a Tantric Massage therapist, I worked as as a professional club dancer and ran a pole-dancing school, inviting other women to explore their sensual nature and express their inner Goddess through erotic dance. 

In 2018, I completed certificates in Dance Teaching & Choreography, incorporating Jazz & Modern dance & am currently completing a Degree in Studio Arts.