Professional Tantra Training

Over the past 8 & half years, I have offered SkyDance Massage in London, Bristol, Austria, Germany, Costa Rica & California.

I have studied with many internationally renowned Conscious Sexuality Teachers including John Hawken (formally Sky Dancing UK), Steve & Lokita Carter (Sky Dancing USA), Joseph Kramer, Deborah Sundahl, Ma Ananda Sarita, One Taste & Cleo Dubois.

These trainings included:

  • June 2008 “G Spot & Female Ejaculation” workshop with Deborah Sundahl, London.
  • Oct 2008 “The Tantric Path Program” an intensive Tantric Massage Training by John Hawken, London.
  • Oct 2008 “Sexual Alchemy” with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Somerset. A workshop involving Osho-style tantric exercises to explore energetic connection between men & women.
  • Nov 2009 “Introduction to Dark Eros” workshop with John Hawken, London. Using BDSM to explore the shadow.
  • Oct 2010 “Radical Ecstasy” workshop with Dossie Easton, London. A program of tantric breath work & Sacred Kink.
  • 2011 John Hawken’s “Sacred Body/ Passionate Spirit”, Somerset. A Year-long Advanced training including rosetta (anal) healing massage, yoni & lingam healing massage, advanced tantric breathworks, chakra meditation, plus extended sexual orgasm techniques.
  • Sept 2011 John Hawken’s “Energy & Character” course, London – a study into Wilhelm Reich’s Sex Character Analysis.
  • Oct 2011 “Sexological Bodywork & Erotic Trance” – a practitioner’s intensive by Joeseph Kramer, London involving Anal mapping & stroking Vipassana.
  • Oct 2011 “Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 3” created by Margot Anand, taught by Skydancing USA, N. California.
  • Nov 2012 “Taoist Erotic Massage” with Celtic Tantra, Devon. An energy-based massage focused on circulating sexual energy.
  • April 2015 Became an “Orgasmic Meditation” Practitioner with One Taste, CA. A well-being practice in conscious stroking of the cliterous.
  • July 2015 “Mastery in Orgasmic Meditation”. An intensive course with One Taste, CA. including a taster of Sacred kink with Cleo Dubois.
  • Feb 2016 Tantric Massage Evening with Heather Rhea Dawn, CA.


Bodywork & Healing Arts Qualifications

  • 2004 – 2005 Diploma in Holistic Healing (CMA) from Holistic Healing College, London. A comprehensive course encompassing core modules in Hands on Healing, Counseling & Guided Meditation.
  • 2008 Holistic Massage Diploma (I.T.E.C.) from Beaumont College, Somerset. An in-depth training incorporating Swedish style massage, holistic philosophy, anatomy & physiology & first aid.
  • 2008 Lomi Lomi Massage Post Graduate Qualification (CThA) with Carrie Rowell, Somerset. An extensive study of Traditional Hawaiian bodywork, Huna prayer & breathwork.
  • 2013 Lomi Lomi Advanced Training with Ho’okahi Tamara, Hawaii. Encompassing Huna Body work, prayer & Hot stones laying.
  • 2014 Indian Head Massage Diploma (I.T.E.C) from Beaumont College, Somerset. A detailed study of classic Indian massage techniques of the shoulders, neck, scalp & face, Ayurvedic tradition & Chakra Balancing.
  • Currently, studying a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (GHSC) at Holistic Healing College, London.


Performing Arts Experience & Other Interests

  • 2001 Began Pole dancing – exploring my sexual energy through dance.
  • 2005 – 2006 Co-managed a Pole Dancing School in Chester & North Wales. Inviting women to explore their sensual nature & express their inner Goddess through erotic dance.
  • 2007-2009 Intensive Performing Arts Training at Circus Maniacs & Circomedia, Bristol.
  • 2010 Took 6-month sabbatical to live in Pachamama, an Osho Community, Costa Rica. Where I undertook Osho-style Self Inquiry workshops & Dynamic Meditation.
  • Aug 2012 Began Social dancing: Swing, Blues & Tango – exploring energy connection through partner dance.
  • Currently, studying a certification in Dance Technique & Choreographic Studies.