Client Stories

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“From the moment she opens the door & melts your heart with warmth of her smile to the last hug as you leave, a session with Sofia is a truly magical experience that appeals to all of your senses. Time has no meaning & the world shrinks to just the two of you in her sacred space.”  Charlie, London


“Sofia is Magically Charming! ” Hans, Vienna


“Anyone who spends time with Sofia is going to feel happier in their life.”  Jim, London


“Thanks for the whole experience – a relaxing, intense, energising, self affirming one. I had a universally positive experience solely down to how welcoming & caring you are & how relaxing an environment you create” James, London


” I just had a feeling of Ultimate pleasure when I had a flashback to our session. It was Euphoric! The effects of your sessions are very Long-lasting!”  Ali, London 


“Thanks again for the further Tantric teachings. I’m learning a ton and feeling blissfully closer to awakening with each session!” Clive, London


“Learning your Art of Breast Massage fills me with a sense of World Peace” Trusted Regular, Henrik, London


“On Cloud 9…Your website said you love massaging & massage lovingly. That couldn’t be more true! You are exquisite in every way!” Jun, US


“You have really done training in Tantra haven’t you?! Not your usual masseuse on Backpage” Max, US


“I was afraid this would feel seedy…Not at all, indeed very wholesome!” Isaac, US


“You SkyDance massage is a beautiful choreography! ” Nicco, Italy


“Thank you for a Life altering experience” Carlos, US


“Hello my Goddess Skydancer, It brings a smile to my face every time I think about my ARA. I have to say it was the most beautiful Tantric session I have received in my life.”  Frank, US